The Writers Union of Turkey Istanbul Branch

Actively operating since 1991, the Writers Union of Turkey Istanbul Branch is one of the prominent cultural centers of the world of culture and literature. It is constantly at the forefront of public discourse due to having most of the members within its organization as well as its traditionalized cultural activities. The Istanbul Branch of the Writers Union of Turkey also possesses a unique and distinguished place in our culture due to the Kızlarağası Madrasa, a part of Mimar Sinan’s legacy, where they host their frequent visitors and carry out their activities. The Writers Union of Turkey Istanbul Branch continues to operate at this location. From authoring to editorial, caricature to diction and elocution, playwriting to Ottoman Turkish and classical Turkish music, it has launched workshops in a number of culture and art fields, effectively becoming a school that nourishes the cultural life.

Halidi Maarif Knowledge and Culture Association

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Istanbul, Halidi Maarif Knowledge and Culture Association makes both substantive and spiritual contributions to our country and to all of humanity in education, science, culture and social services. Building educational institutions, student hostels, courses and research centers, lending its support to the ones being built and those that are to be built, aiding in the process of raising qualified individuals by helping those who are receiving education at home and abroad are among the association’s goals.

Haşimi Publishing

Founded in 2010, Haşimi Publishing attracts attention with its slogan, “preserving our legacy”. While prioritizing Arabic publications, the publishing house also publishes Ottoman Turkish and Kurdish titles as well and aims to bring curriculum books of Sarf, Nahw, Mantiq, Ma’ani, Bayan, Usul and similar fields to the readers in a more easily understood structure while remaining faithful to the originals. Together with the Arabic source materials, the publishing house prints out Arabic textbooks and supplementary books. In addition to all this, the publishing house performs revisions and examinations of scholarly, cultural and tasawwuf-related works. Also, it procures and sells Arabic titles of Islamic science that are printed in countries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia and have potential to see demand in Turkey. Haşimi Publishing grows with each passing day and works to bring to the readers many precious titles that are especially hard to find and on the verge of fading from memories.